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Debra inherited her love of politics from her grandfather together with the drive to help youth and the under-served. Supporting candidates she felt shared her political beliefs, she worked for Hillary Rodham Clinton during the presidential primary in 2008. Since 2000 she has been active with the United Nations and has participated in several Summits focusing on the United Nation’s mandate for creating global peace and sustainability. In 2014, she served as Co-Founder and Executive Producer of a 24-hour online broadcast. On September 21, 2017, she continued this work, supporting The United Nations International Day of Peace with a Peace Day Global Broadcast on The Peace Channel. This live-streaming online broadcast provides positive video content and messages of hope celebrating the best of humanity. Her recollections of life with her grandfather bring a sincere and personal touch to the biography of this man of whom one can say he was "A statesman ahead of his time." 

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Dr. Craig Wilkinson

 A true scientist in every sense of the word, Dr. Wilkinson is not one to take lightly one's personal search for truth. With a lifetime of study of history and the development of humankind politically and socially behind him, Dr. Wilkinson developed a sense of kinship with Governor Olson whose struggle with religion had been similar to his own. This brought him in contact with Olson's granddaughter Debra who was giving a presentation of the Governor's Legacy in Sacramento on KCRA Channel 3, February 22, 2015. As she recalls, "He contacted me shortly thereafter, and we discovered that we not only shared Mormon roots but a deep admiration for my grandfather's courage, convictions,and honesty. We knew his story was more relevant and important today than ever."